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Native apps and Progressive Web App builder for eCommerce and Content Management


Get your FREE Custom App with Free Consultation

$99.00  A MONTH - Classic App

$130.00 A MONTH - Shopping App


The most powerful App Builder to create your iOS, Android app and PWA

Build an app and offer your
audience a quality user experience

Create your Beautiful App

Choose amongst our 30 beautiful themes, or
customize your app without coding

From graphic design to content development , you manage your app from one single tool, j316 Media back office. Elegant and intuitive, entirely graphic, with the back office your are free from all technical
restraints. You become autonomous to create your app and add the features that will make it successful. j316 Media has more than 10 years of experience in designing software that can be used without coding
knowledge. What are you waiting for!

Image by Luke Chesser

Push Notifications

Communicate directly and instantly with your
audience. Thanks to manual or scheduled push notifications, you create communication strategies tailored to your users.
Push notifications are received on mobile and desktop. This is the advantage of using an app builder that allows you to offer both a native app and a Progressive Web App to your users.

Content Management

8 sections to empower your content.
Develop your content directly from your j316 Media backoffice. Thanks to the CMS, you can add articles, videos, photos, sound, points of interests on maps, forms, events. For each of these 8 content types, templates are available. Several templates are available
per content type to make sure your app is beautiful and unique.

User Authentication

The User Authentication Add-on opens a whole new field of advanced features. A collection of Add-ons becomes accessible, such as User Groups, to allow access to certain parts of your app to certain persons
only. Chat, Community and many more features also become accessible.

Chat and Community 

Manage your community and integrate an instant messaging service.
Your app becomes the epicenter of interactions between your users. Offer them a messaging service so that they can exchange around their area of interest. 
With the Community Add-on, you create a real discovery and exchange experience, where each member manages the public and private parts of their profile with ease.

Add-Ons Catalog:

Find the feature you're looking for

Build your app à la carte by adding add-ons from the catalog. Each add-on has a specific function.
Its installation in your app is immediate, no technical knowledge is required. Once installed, the add-on integrates perfectly with the existing ones.
Among our most popular add-ons are the loyalty program, live audio and video, SMS, monetization options.
Image by Luke Chesser

Publish your app on the App Store, Google Play and the Web

App Store and Google Play
j316 MEDIA allows you to create a native app. A native app is designed in a technology specific to the phone on which it is installed. Native apps for iPhone and iPad are distributed through Apple's App Store.
Native apps for Android phones are distributed via Google Play. 
Once published in the Stores, your native app has many advantages: visibility via ASO and notoriety thanks to usercomments and ratings.
If you have already tried to answer the question "How much does it cost to develop a mobile application", you have seen
the many factors that need to be taken into account to get a good estimate.
With an app builder like j316 Media, the equation becomes simple. You take out a single subscription and you get, for a cost 20 times lower than a service invoiced by a development studio.

What are the advantages of using an App Builder ?



An iOS native app, developed in Objective-C 


A progressive web app compatible with all web browsers, developed in Angular 


A powerful and optimized app for all devices and screen sizes


Unlimited assistance


An Android native app, developed in Java 


A single management interface, the back office, to create your app withouttechnical knowledge 


An app always up to date, which follows the permanent evolutions of iOS, Android and the web 


A team that ensures that the architecture used to run your app runs smoothly on a daily basis.
The major advantage of an App Builder is the pooling of resources. By industrializing the creation process, j316 Media can significantly reduce the cost of owning an app.

500 + features to build your app

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